Polfish - producer of fish meal and fish oil

We have been successfully operating in the sector feeding of domestic and farm animals since 2001. We manufacture and distribute fish meal and fish oil.

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Fish meal

Fish meal is a product with a high content of protein and nutrients and what is worth emphasising - exogenous amino acids. It is characterised by a high digestibility factor and guarantees high growth rate of fed animals.

Our fish meal is produced from selected waste of the highest quality and whole fish delivered from proven processing plants. Fish meal is widely used in feeding farm and domestic animals. It is used for the production of feed, fodder, including compound feed and groundbaits.

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Fish oil

Fish oil is a source of valuable nutrients, in particular vitamins A, D and E. When added to feed, it greases it. It improves its taste and aroma, which increases appetite and translates into weight gain of fed animals.

Fish oil is also a source of OMEGA 3 acid. The addition of fish oil to the feed makes it less dusty.

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We are aware of the importance of the highest quality of our goods, which is why we care for it at every stage of production and storage. Each of the goods undergoes a detailed quality control process. We regularly examine our goods only in accredited laboratories.

Gained experience, relations with contractors, and broadly understood business partnership are the grounds of successful cooperation. The individual approach to the client allows creating favourable conditions satisfying both parties to the transaction.

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