Fish oil

Fish oil is a source of valuable nutrients, in particular vitamins A, D and E. When added to feed, it greases it. It improves its taste and aroma, which increases appetite and translates into weight gain of fed animals.

Fish oil is also a source of OMEGA 3 acid. The addition of fish oil to the feed makes it less dusty.

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Types of fish oil:

  • salmon fish oil,
  • fish oil of mixed fish.


Fish oil depending on preferences of customers can be packed in:

  • 1000 liter IBC containers,
  • 200 l barrels,
  • to the tanker,
  • other - depending on customer needs

Fish oil characteristics:

  • an excellent source of valuable nutrients, in particular vitamins A, D, E, responsible, for example, for proper growth,
  • source of OMEGA 3 acid,
  • greases fodder, improves taste and aroma and increases appetite,
  • an excellent source of energy for intensively growing farm animals.


We work with courier companies and private carriers from Poland and abroad. We organise transport from 200 litres upon request.